Katie Ferman

Our group LOVED Tameka!!

I reached out to Compass Consulting to organize a leadership seminar for a group of business development leaders and entrepreneurs from Africa who were visiting Cleveland through the State Department. After a phone call to go over our goals for the session and an easy scheduling process, we scheduled a morning seminar for one of the days the group would be in town.

The group met with Tameka as planned. She had a presentation for them that incorporated both group sharing and individual exercises to draw out each visitor’s experience. I was very impressed with this, as it illustrated she was interested in ensuring the experience was useful for each participant in a unique way tailored to their individual needs.

And it worked – the group had nothing but positive feedback! After the three-hour seminar had concluded, our visitor from Lesotho said the experience was “completely profound,” in that he felt Tameka was talking “directly about his business." Others commented how Tameka helped them realize that they, as leaders, are always in a constant state of growth and development; that she helped them identify their weaknesses and use them to strengthen and strive toward their overall organizational vision. Even those with Masters and doctoral backgrounds in business administration and leadership commented enthusiastically that the seminar was important for emphasizing some of the more important concepts covered in the course of their higher education programs.

The overwhelming consensus was that Tameka’s seminar was not simply a valuable learning experience, but an opportunity for some important introspection on their own individual pathways to growth, both within and as a part of their companies and organizations back home. For my part, I highly enjoyed working with Tameka to set up the seminar – she accommodated us every step of the way and customized the workshop to the backgrounds of our visitors – which was immensely challenging, given their varied professional and cultural backgrounds.

I HIGHLY recommend Tameka Taylor and the Compass Consulting team for any presentation, seminar, or workshop on leadership and/or business development. A successful experience for our group!!

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