Meet our team


Tameka L. Taylor, Ph.D., CDE

 Tameka is the president of Compass Consulting Services, LLC.  After co-founding and serving as one of the two Partners of the organization for almost five years.  Prior to this, she worked at The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio (formerly NCCJ) where she served the organization for 14 years and her last years as Vice President & Director of Leadership Development.  


Shemariah J. Arki

 Shemariah has been with Compass since 2012, and has been facilitating in the areas of diversity and inclusion for almost 15 years.  Shemariah identifies as an educator, an activist and an organizer.  She is an interdisciplinary scholar with expert knowledge and skills to develop, implement, facilitate and evaluate curricula that promote institutional equity, communication, and access for traditionally marginalized students and families.  


Elisabeth Roccoforte, MA

Liz has been with Compass Since 2010, and has a strong background in LGBT scholarship and employment.  As the inaugural director of the LGBT Center at Case Western Reserve University, Liz seeks to advocate and support all LGBTQIA students, faculty, staff and alumni by providing them with resources, connections and information.  


Jacob Nash, MA, CDP

Jake has been with Compass since 2012 and is a consultant, published writer and a seasoned, engaging presenter committed to training both providers and community activists on the needs of transgender people.  In 2014, Jake received an MA from Cleveland State University in Psychology,  with a concentration in Diversity Management.


Renee Street, M.A.

Renee has been with Compass since 2010 and serves as the administrative assistant and consultant.  Street recently retired as a secondary special education teacher with more than 25 years of classroom experience and leadership skills.  As a special education teacher, she served as department chair for many years. Renee also served on several building committees to help improve the overall educational experiences for all students and families.


Tanya Martin, MS

Tanya has been with Compass for since 2012 and serves as the executive assistant to President Tameka L. Taylor, Ph.D., CDE.  Prior to starting at Compass, Tanya was a manager and national corporate trainer for four years at a Fortune 50 company in New York City, specializing in sales, underwriting and customer service training. For 10 years, she was acollege instructor for several colleges. She taught adult development, business communication, film critiquing, informal logic, literature, organizational leadership, philosophy, study skills, and writing.


Alexandra Beatty

Alexandra has been with Compass since 2015, bringing her multitude of experience in environmental education and youth development.   Born in Concord, Massachusetts- home of Walden Pond and right outside Boston, Alexandra is continually inspired by her hometown.  Concord has indeed instilled her a love of wild nature and diverse communities. Life as a military kid had her family moved around a lot, eventually settling in rural PA. As soon ash she could, Alexandra headed to New York City to study Environmental Studies, Philosophy and Sociology.