Executive Coaching

Compass Consulting Services, LLC provides coaching for leaders, managers and executives within an organization. Compass has developed a unique system for coaching that incorporates Gestalt practices, development tools such as the Hogan Personality Inventory and 360 Feedback, and goal/vision writing to support employees in becoming the best leaders that they can.  

The coaching relationship typically lasts about 10 sessions and leaders walk away with much more awareness about themselves, knowledge about their impact on their team, and skills to become more effective in their role and within their organization. Coaching clients include small and large organizations in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.  

Tameka L. Taylor, Ph.D. is certified through the Weatherhead School of Business at Case Western Reserve University.  She attended the Emotional Intelligence program in 2010 and is Weatherhead Executive Coaching certified.

For more information on how these services can help you, your organization and/or your team, please contact us at 216-299-7335.