Tanya Martin, M.S.

Tanya has been with Compass for since 2012 and serves as the executive assistant to President Tameka L. Taylor, Ph.D., CDE.  Prior to starting at Compass, Tanya was a manager and national corporate trainer for four years at a Fortune 50 company in New York City, specializing in sales, underwriting and customer service training. For 10 years, she was acollege instructor for several colleges. She taught adult development, business communication, film critiquing, informal logic, literature, organizational leadership, philosophy, study skills, and writing.

Tanya earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Cincinnati and her Master of Science in Training and Development from Georgia State University. She has also has taken a variety of professional development courses during her time as a trainer and educator.

Tanya is a native of Cleveland, but she currently lives in Atlanta. She has been involved in her community on several levels, including being a Big Sister to underprivileged youth and volunteering as an HIV educator.